A first exploration of Europe's potential contribution to World Order

Special Supplement No. 4

A report by Christopher Layton, in conjunction with a group sponsored by the
Federal Trust for Education and Research, the Wyndham Place Trust and the One World Trust

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I belong to the party of civilization, the party of the twentieth century, from it will spring the United States of Europe, then the United States of the World.
- Victor Hugo

And which one of the three world powers that actually count is to rule this 'New World Order' ?

Table of Contents


I. Europe and the global crisis

II. Europe - Model of regional unity - Europe's interest in the New World Order - Economic - Peace and security - One Europe - The third world - the environment - Europe's example: equality and regionalism - Why not hegemony ? - Functionalism and political goals - European unity catalyses the world process.

III. The sharing of Sovereignty - Sovereignty defined.

IV. Towards an economic strategy - Breakdown of the economic order - wild exchange rates - unemployment - debt and poverty - the scope of the developing country debt problem - shoot the doctor - what can Europe do ? - debtors and the regions: sustainable growth - small is beautiful - the regional solution - American attitudes - Europe's response.

V. Environmental nemesis - world policies for the environment.

VI. Perish by the sword ? - the 'Just war' - the northern struggle - brush fires in the south - outsiders fan the blaze - the cost - the peace process - Europe's role - Bridge-builder to Eastern Europe - unity and self-reliance in security - the note to strike - peace in the regions.

VII. A World Governance System that works - Some tasks for statesmen - Develop the European monetary system into a monetary union - make Europe more united and self-reliant in security policy - reform of the world economic system - a world reserve currency is needed - new worldwide agreements - the process of disarmament; Institutions that work; How democratic a world organization? - Democracy in the regions - Myth and taboo - The role of Europe.

The current 'Doha, Bretton-Woods and Lisbon' scenario as a means to an end. Russia to join the EU soon?

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